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I & CTL [Information and communications technology law]
I am ... year(s) old {phrase} :: [I'm ... year(s) old SEE:I'm ... year(s) old]
I am blind {phrase} :: [I'm blind SEE: I'm blind]
I am English {phrase}ik ben Engelsman {m}, ik ben Engels ... [I am English]
I am hungry {phrase} :: [I'm hungry SEE: I'm hungry]
I am pleased to present you withHierbij
I am thirsty {phrase} :: [I'm thirsty SEE: I'm thirsty]
I am tired {phrase} :: [I'm tired SEE: I'm tired]
I am twenty years old {phrase} :: [I'm twenty years old SEE: I'm twenty years old]
I believe, however,Ik ben echter van mening
I came, I saw, I conquered {phrase}ik kwam, ik zag, ik overwon [used to indicate a total swift victory]
I converterI-omvormer
I converter, machine-commutatedI-omvormer, machinegecommuteerd
I converter, self-commutatedI-omvormer, zelfgecommuteerd
I don't eat fish {phrase}ik eet geen vis [I don't eat fish]
I don't eat meat {phrase}ik eet geen vlees [I don't eat meat]
I don't eat pork {phrase}ik eet geen varkensvlees [I don't eat pork]
I don't knowik weet het niet
I don't know {phrase}ik weet het niet, ik weenie (in mod ... [I don't know]
I don't speak Azerbaijani {phr ... :: [I don't speak Azerbaijani SEE: I don't speak Azeri]
I don't speak English {phrase}ik spreek geen Engels [I don't speak English]
I don't think so {phrase}ik denk het niet, ik denk van niet [I think that what has just been said is untrue]
I don't understand {phrase}ik begrijp het niet, ik snap het ni ... [I don't understand]
I don't use condoms {phrase}ik gebruik geen condooms [I don't use condoms]
I hate you {phrase}ik haat je [informal], ik haat u [f ... [expression of intense dislike]
I have a cold {phrase}ik ben verkouden [I have a cold]
I have a fever {phrase} :: [strong fever] ik heb koorts, [ ... [I have a fever]
I have a question {phrase}ik heb een vraag [I have a question]
I have diabetes {phrase}ik heb diabetes, ik heb suikerziekt ... [I have diabetes]
I have no money {phrase}ik heb geen geld [I have no money]
I just can't imagineIk kan het me niet voorstellen
I know you are but what am I {phras ...wat je zegt, ben je zelf [assertion that an insult made by the party to whom ...]
I like you {phrase}ik vind je leuk [I like you]
I lost my backpack {phrase}ik heb mijn rugzak verloren [I lost my backpack]
I lost my bag {phrase} :: [I lost my backpack SEE: I lost my backpack]
I lost my bag {phrase} :: [I lost my handbag SEE: I lost my handbag]
I lost my keys {phrase}ik heb mijn sleutels verloren [I lost my keys]
I love youik zie u graag
I love youIk hou van jou
I love youIk hou van je
I love you {phrase}Ik heb u graag (Flemish) [platonic expression of inclination or liking]
I love you {phrase}Ik houd van je / Ik hou van je, Ik ... [affirmation of romantic feeling]
I love you {phrase}Ik hou van je, Ik hou van jou (both ... [affirmation of affection or deep caring]
I miss you {phrase}ik mis je [informal, singular], ik ... [I miss you]
I must go {phrase}ik moet gaan [I must go]
I need a compass {phrase}ik heb een kompas nodig [I need a compass]
I need a condom {phrase}ik heb een condoom nodig [I need a condom]
I need a dictionary {phrase}ik heb een woordenboek nodig [I need a dictionary]
I need a doctor {phrase}ik heb een dokter nodig [request for a doctor]
I need a guide {phrase}ik heb een gids nodig [I need a guide]
I need a guide {phrase}ik heb een gids nodig [I need a guide]
I need a lawyer {phrase}ik heb een advocaat nodig [I need a lawyer]
I need a map {phrase}ik heb een kaart nodig, ik heb een ... [I need a map]
I need a postage stamp {phrase}ik heb een postzegel nodig [I need a postage stamp]
I need a taxi {phrase}ik heb een taxi nodig [I need a taxi]
I need clothes {phrase}ik heb kleren nodig [I need clothes]
I need food {phrase}ik heb eten nodig [I need food]
I need gas {phrase}ik heb benzine nodig [I need gasoline]
I need Internet access {phrase}ik heb internettoegang nodig [I need Internet access]
I need internet access {phrase} :: [I need Internet access SEE: I need Internet access]
I need money {phrase}ik heb geld nodig [I need money]
I need petrol {phrase} :: [I need petrol SEE: I need gasoline]
I need soap {phrase}ik heb zeep nodig [I need soap]
I need water {phrase}ik heb water nodig [I need water]
I need your help {phrase} :: [formal] ik heb uw hulp nodig, ... [I need your help]
I then rubbed my eyes in disbeliefogen van ongeloof opzetten
I think so {phrase}ik denk het wel /?k d??k h?t w?l/; ... [I think so]
I think therefore I am {phrase}Ik denk, dus ik ben [philosophical proof of existence]
I told you so {phrase}da's wat ik u gezegd heb he!, wat h ... [told you so!]
I want to know {phrase}ik wil weten [I want to know]
I wish {phrase}was het maar zo dat, or use auxilia ... [I would very much like that to be so, even though ...]
I {pron}ik, 'k [personal pronoun]
I&A [Identification and authentication]
I'd like to have sex with you ...ik wil seks met je [I'd like to have sex with you]
I'd like to kiss you {phrase}ik wil je kussen, ik wil je zoenen [I'd like to kiss you]
I'd like to know {phrase}ik zou willen weten [phrase]
I'mik ben
I'm ... year(s) old {phrase}ik ben ... jaar oud [I am ... year(s) old]
I'm a vegetarian {phrase}ik ben vegetariŽr [I'm vegetarian]
I'm allergic to nuts {phrase}ik ben allergisch voor noten [I'm allergic to nuts]
I'm an atheist {phrase}ik ben atheist [I'm an atheist]
I'm bisexual {phrase}ik ben bi, ik ben biseksueel [I'm bisexual]
I'm cold {phrase}ik ben koud [I'm cold]
I'm counting onIk reken op
I'm deaf {phrase}ik ben doof [I'm deaf]
I'm dying {phrase}ik ga dood [I'm dying]
I'm fine {phrase}het gaat goed [response]
I'm fine, thank you {phrase}met mij gaat het goed, dank u [expected, polite response to How are you?]
I'm gay {phrase}ik ben homo, ik ben homoseksueel [I'm gay]
I'm hungry {phrase}ik heb honger [I'm hungry]
I'm in love with youIk ben verliefd op jou
I'm in love with youIk ben verliefd op je
I'm in love with you {phrase}ik ben verliefd op je, ik ben verli ... [declaration of romantic feeling]
I'm Jewish {phrase}ik ben Joods [I'm Jewish]
I'm Jewish {phrase}ik ben joods [I'm Jewish]
I'm looking for a job {phrase}ik zoek een baan [I'm looking for a job]
I'm lost {phrase}ik ben verdwaald, ik ben de weg kwi ... [I'm lost]
I'm not religious {phrase}ik ben niet godsdienstig [I'm not religious]
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